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What to visit in low season in Sopot, Gdańsk and Gdynia?

Tri-City in winter: What to visit in low season in Sopot, Gdańsk and Gdynia?

It is assumed that seaside resorts are visited in the summer. What would happen if you did the opposite and went to the seaside in winter? Would the Tri-City have something to offer us off-season?

The seaside climate of the Tri-City

It is true that you may not jump into the water willingly, but a trip to the seaside in winter is still a great idea. Thanks to its location, the Tri-City offers the healthiest air, saturated with iodine, off-season. However, the climatic conditions are not the only advantage of spending the winter there.

Tri-City in winter

The lack of crowds on the Tri-City streets is conducive to leisurely strolls along the seashore. In addition to the good influence of air on our health, you get the chance to see wonderful views. We recommend going for a walk to Gdynia, where in Orłowo we can admire the cliff, pier, and when we get cold we will warm up in one of the nearby pubs. You can also use cruises on the Baltic Sea all year round.

On the pier!

The Sopot Pier is loved by tourists. The crowds passing through them during summer days do not allow you to enjoy the view, and sometimes make it impossible to take a nice souvenir photo. A walk on the Pier in winter is like moving into another dimension. Beautiful views and a relaxed atmosphere. You can also go ice skating nearby. Ice skating overlooking the sea? A wonderful idea!

Swimming in the sea?

If you are a sea lover, it won’t take long to persuade you to take a spine-chilling bath in the Baltic Sea. There is a Walrus Club in Sopot, which you can easily join. If you hate frost, take advantage of the sauna located on the beach in Sopot, overlooking the sea.

Gdansk Old Town

A romantic walk on ul. It will be remembered for a long time by all in love and not in love. The illuminations will make us feel cozy, and the frost will surely lead us to one of the cozy cafes, free from the crowds of tourists. Gdańsk is a perfect place to rest. It gives us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of architecture.

Gdynia Aquarium

To forget about the bad weather outside, we recommend going to Gdynia Aquarium, where you can admire corals and exotic varieties of fish. At least for a moment you will feel like in an exotic, warm place.