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Walking routes in the Tri-City

Walking routes in the Tri-City

Going to Pomerania, to the Tri-City, you are probably wondering how actively you will be able to spend your time …? While staying in such a beautiful place, it is worth leaving the hotel for a moment to fully appreciate the beauty of the area. Fortunately, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are surrounded by the Tricity Landscape Park. The location among the forests surrounding the Tri-City and numerous tourist trails crossing them gives great opportunities for outdoor activities, spending time in the beautiful nature and enjoying the charms of the Kashubian landscape during walks.

Tourist trails within Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot

This is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the landscape of Eastern Pomerania.

Where to go for a walk in the Tri-City? In which area should you book a hotel to have the best access to tourist attractions? Which routes to choose to ensure the best views? Where can you see the most interesting specimens of fauna and flora?

Tri-City Route

The most famous, chosen as a destination for walks much more willingly than other tourist routes in Gdańsk, also known as the Tri-City Hills trail. It is almost 50 km long and runs through the administrative borders of Gdynia and Gdańsk, which definitely facilitates access from most hotels or guesthouses, even by public transport. It is worth traversing at least part of the nearest area, adjusting the course of the journey to your abilities. The route is very varied, it also leads through beautiful forest areas, touching viewpoints. This is a yellow trail, available for beginners and intermediates. It is only partly accessible for bicycles, due to the very diverse terrain, so we recommend walking it.

The most interesting places on the Tri-City Route are:

  • Old Sobieski Reservoir
  • Snail viewpoint in Jaśkowy Las
  • Ascension of Mary
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Matemblewo
  • Mount Donas
  • Devil’s Stone in the Oliwa Forest

Gdynia Trail Kępa Redłowska

When choosing a hotel in Sopot or Gdańsk, we do not have to limit ourselves to visiting these cities only. Gdynia has as much to offer us, so it is worth finding time for a walk there as well. Walking along the cliff coast, which is elevated up to 65 meters above sea level, we have a chance to admire the Swedish rowan, a protected tree species found only in Pomerania, the remains of the firing positions of the 11th Battery of the Permanent Artillery from the 1950s and the beautiful views from the Redłowo Promontory to the Gulf of Gdańsk.

The vantage point, the tower in Kolibki, offers a wonderful view of the Gulf of Gdańsk, forests, buildings, and is a perfect culmination of a walk in this area. It is worth climbing the stairs to the very top of the tower.

Where can we go hiking in the vicinity of Gdańsk?

If only we have the opportunity to leave the hotel for longer, it is also worth taking a walk around Gdańsk. What tourist routes can we find there?

The Motława Trail

This is the main trail of Żuławy Gdańskie, which almost entirely runs along the Motława River. The entire route is over 40 km long and runs from Gdańsk to Tczew. It runs through many charming villages, as well as near the Vistula River.

Highlights of this route:

  • The ruins of the Teutonic castle in Grabiny-Zameczek
  • Brick churches
  • Batorowy Ostaniec – a Pleistocene hill near Grabin-Zameczek
  • Flood embankments along the Vistula River

Welcome to Tricity! Nobody will be bored here! Go outside the hotel and see what beautiful places and tourist attractions you can discover!