Hotel Bayjonn Sopot - from the series "Together we can do more" - Bayjonn Hotel Sopot
Bayjonn Hotel Sopot

Hotel Bayjonn Sopot – from the series “Together we can do more”♥

As in every hotel in the world, the hotel's internal regulations apply to the Bayjonn Sopot Hotel. Its aim is to respect the leisure of all guests. The most important rule is night silence and not disturbing other guests of Bayjonn Hotel Sopot. We trust that if we cooperate in this matter, your rest or business stay will take place in a unique, very pleasant atmosphere.

Bayjonn Hotel reception

The reception is always the heart of every hotel. This is where our guests are welcomed. This is where you make various requests, which we always try to fulfill 😉 The trained staff of the Reception Department will advise you on how to spend your free time in Sopot, recommend reliable restaurants and help you with all your minor and major dilemmas. Our reception is available 24/7, so please contact us. We will make every effort to meet your expectations.

HSK department

We cannot forget about the ladies who keep the Bayjonn Sopot Hotel clean. They also deserve respect. The cleaning department employees maintain high discretion, ensuring that your stay at Hotel Bayjonn is pleasant. In today's era of pandemic, in addition to thorough cleaning, rooms are undergoing an ozonation process. Its aim is to eliminate bacteria. For this reason, please be patient if your room has to wait until your actual check-in time.

we invite you to Bayjonn Hotel in Sopot!