Romantic Thai massage and romantic dinner with Thailand in the background
Hotel in Sopot

Romantic Thai Spirit

Bayjonn Sopot: Transfer to the Land of Love and Relaxation

Here's why you should discover this romantic experience:

 Exotic Relaxation

“Romantic Thai Spirit” is an invitation to discover the secrets of Thailand, where exotic landscapes and sounds of nature create the perfect background for a romantic escapade.

Spa and Massages:

The package includes a traditional Thai massage that relaxes the body and mind.

Romantic dinner

The package includes a romantic dinner at the hotel restaurant, where you can enjoy authentic Thai flavors by candlelight.

Privacy and Peace of Mind

The rooms prepared as part of the "Romantic Thai Spirit" are an oasis of privacy where guests can enjoy a romantic getaway for two people.

Relaxation Rituals

The package offers relaxation rituals inspired by Thai traditions that allow you to relax and feel harmony.

Sea views

Hotel Bayjonn Sopot is located in the center of Sopot. Guests can also walk along the shore of the Baltic Sea, which adds charm and romance to every stay.

Staff Care

The hotel staff ensures that each element of the "Romantic Thai Spirit" package is refined and meets guests' expectations.

Memories for a Lifetime

“Romantic Thai Spirit” at the Bayjonn Sopot Hotel is not only about relaxation, it is also about creating unforgettable memories with your loved one.