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Holidays in Sopot are for most of us a great time with our loved ones, carefree fun and many new experiences.

To be able to fully enjoy the charms of a holiday in Sopot, it is worth preparing for it, especially when you are going to the Polish seaside, where the weather often changes. So what to take with you?

Below you will find our TOP 10 essentials for a seaside holiday!

  1. Swimsuit – this is of course summer MUST HAVE! Swimming in the sea or hotel swimming pool is the basic holiday entertainment for everyone!
  2. Bathing slippers – you can forget about socks but not about flip-flops! A trip to the beach cannot be done without classic summer shoes, which will show off your new holiday nail stylization;)
  3. Sunbathing oil or Cream with a filter – on hot days it can save your skin from burns, so you can enjoy your free day
  4. For a great outing – when planning a vacation in Sopot, you cannot forget about all-night events taking place in Monciak! So be sure to pack pins and a small black one into the suitcase 🙂
  5. Sunglasses and a hat – essential accessories for summer styling, protecting you from the negative effects of sunlight
  6. Thin rain jacket – although Polish summer is getting warmer every year, rains can happen, so it is worth getting something light, which will protect us from getting wet and coastal wind
  7. Waterproof case for phone and documents – it will protect your personal belongings against drowning during water madness as well as against the undesirable effects of sand
  8. Pareo – so that you can feel comfortable going to a nearby restaurant or store. Pareo will wrap your body against the sea breeze
  9. Wet wipes – an indispensable component of a handbag in any situation. It will certainly be useful during a seaside holiday as well!
  10. A book or board games – when going to the Polish seaside, you must bear in mind the changeability of the weather. It is worth taking with you something that will make our time with loved ones more pleasant in a situation where the weather conditions prevented outdoor activities.

Remember that the weather at the Polish seaside can be capricious and may surprise us. However, even on cool or rainy days, when sunbathing is difficult, there are plenty of attractions waiting for us along the entire coast! Everyone will surely find something for themselves.

We invite you to Bayjonn Hotel Sopot, a hotel in the center of Sopot, a hotel by the pier!