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Hel tour attractions

Hel – attractions. What is worth visiting and seeing?

We encourage people who are going to Hel and wondering what is worth visiting in this charming place to check out the tips below. You can find out what attractions await visitors and their families. It's worth seeing now how to get there from hotel in Sopot to selected monuments and which of them are particularly recommended.

Sopot – an ideal place to stay overnight and explore the area

Bayjonn is a hotel in Sopot offering tourists everything necessary for a successful holiday. This prestigious facility located in the city center facilitates both local sightseeing and organizing trips to more distant towns.
To make every visitor feel special, we present rooms of the highest standard with individually controlled air conditioning. Some apartments overlook the sea and the pier. Fitness and sauna, guarded parking, XNUMX-hour reception and medical care are just some of the aspects that increase the safety and comfort of customers.
All this makes it worth choosing our hotel in Sopot, both for a weekend or a longer holiday. The ability to quickly reach Gdynia and Gdańsk, as well as Hel and other beautiful seaside towns makes it an ideal place to relax.

How to get from Sopot to Hel?

From Sopot you can get to Hel by water ferry (departs from the pier) or by car. The first version takes less time and provides beautiful views. We recommend choosing the second one to people who want to have unlimited time to stay.

The hotel in Sopot also offers attractions such as boat trips to Hel. This is an ideal proposition for guests who want an organized, safe and short trip.

Hel – the most important attractions

Located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, on the head of the Hel Peninsula, Hel is a city where no one will be bored. Regardless of whether you spend a few hours or a weekend visiting it, you can be sure that it will be an activity that will positively surprise everyone. Moreover, it has interesting attractions to offer for visitors of all ages. Regardless of whether a tourist goes on a trip alone, with his significant other, with family or friends, he will be delighted.

Relaxation on the beach

Before the tour begins or right after it ends, it is worth lying on the sand and bathing in the sea. You can choose from a large beach, located mainly on the Hel Peninsula, on the open Baltic Sea, and a small beach - located next to the Seal Center. On hot days, remember to wear sunscreen and a hat.

What to see in Hel - 5 most important attractions

The answer to the question of what is worth seeing in Hel is below. We describe the top 5 places that you must visit!

  1. The lighthouse - an octagonal tower with a height of 41 m, made of red-brown brick, must be on the agenda of every tourist. The building narrowing towards the top offers visitors a gallery and, above all, wonderful views of the Bay of Gdańsk. The lighthouse was blown up in 1939 during the defense of Hel. Three years later it was rebuilt.
  2. Seal Center - this part of the Marine Station. Professor Krzysztof Skóra, subordinated to the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk, was established in 1999. The center for the research and protection of seals operated much earlier. Its activity began when the first seal, which arrived here for rehabilitation in 1992, was cured. An animal named Balbin was the inspiration to open the Seal Center. Since then, seals cured at the center have been released into the wild. In the Hel Seal Aquarium, research is carried out on the behavior of these animals, their migration routes and diet. Employees provide visitors with a variety of interesting information about these unique animals. Attractions such as feeding shows are also interesting.
  3. Kashubian sculpture park. In the park located next to the railway station you can see an extraordinary exhibition of Kashubian wooden sculpture. The work depicting the poem "Turnip" by Julian Tuwim entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest sculpture made from a single piece of wood.
  4. Bulwar Nadmorski - if you are in Hel, you have to take a walk here. The boulevard leads to the Seal Center and the Dune Park. An attraction worth seeing is the statue of Neptune. Legend has it that people who circle the figure of the Roman god of the seas and oceans twice (counterclockwise) will be successful in life.
  5. Wiejska Street is an ideal place for a walk around Hel, where you can see traditional buildings from the XNUMXth century. Many of them house charming restaurants and shops. In summer, in one of the houses of Checza Kaszubska, you can admire an original exhibition on the culture of the region.

Dune Park and Porpoise House

Other attractions for tourists, as well as places eagerly visited by Hel residents, are: Dune Park and the Porpoise House. The first of these is an ideal example of recreating a natural form of the environment. From the wooden pier you can observe the dunes, the beach and the bay.

Another attraction has been prepared in the Porpoise House - an exhibition about this endangered species, whales and dolphins.


Fans of visiting the Hel Museums will not be bored. There are some great places to choose from. One of them is the Coastal Defense Museum (MOW), which, together with the nearby open-air museum with vehicles, mines and missiles, is considered the most important military attraction of the region. The object most frequently photographed by visitors is the empty courtyard where a huge cannon once stood. Of course, the rooms and exhibitions inside the museum are also very impressive and are worth seeing. Various models of ships and planes, models of fortifications and exhibitions of weapons and military equipment are just some of the attractions waiting for tourists.

It is also worth seeing and visiting the Fisheries Museum located in the former church. Saint Peter and Paul. It has 3 levels (two with a permanent exhibition, one with a temporary one) and an observation deck. During the visit, tourists will obtain information regarding, among others: the history of the Polish Navy, fishing techniques and the ecology of the Baltic Sea.

We also recommend seeing the Hel Museum, consisting of three parts:

  • ethnographic exhibition,
  • nature exhibition,
  • botanical garden.

Other attractions of Hel

In addition to the places described above that every tourist should visit, the following are also worth visiting:

  • Battery named after H. Laskowski used during the defense of the Hel Peninsula in 1939,
  • Kashubian Mound - a monument made of large stones symbolizing the unity of the Kashubian community,
  • Shipwrecks of ORP Wicher II and ORP Gryf II.

Plan your holiday in Sopot and your trip to Hel now

The above ideas for spending time in Hel are a perfect answer to the question of what is worth seeing and visiting in this place. In order for the tour to go without unnecessary surprises, you need to be properly prepared. That's why we recommend planning your weekend trip in advance and booking a comfortable, modern room in Bayjonn - a unique hotel in Sopot, from which getting to Hel will be short and pleasant.