Discover Luxury and Comfort in Sopot with 7 Top Rated Hotels - Bayjonn Hotel Sopot
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Discover Luxury and Comfort: 7 Top-Rated Hotels in Sopot on 

Sopot, the pearl on the Baltic Sea, attracts not only with its charm, but also with its unique accommodation. is full of traveler reviews, and we've prepared a list of the 10 highest-rated hotels in this picturesque resort. Discover the places that have won the hearts of travelers from all over the world!

1. Bayjonn Hotel Sopot (Rating: 9.1/10): 

Located just a step from the beach, Bayjonn Hotel Sopot stands out not only for its convenient location, but also for its comfort and stylish design. It is an excellent choice for demanding travelers.

2. Resident of Sopot (Rating: 9.0/10): 

Located next to the famous Monciak, Rezydent Sopot is a place that combines elegance and coziness. Here you will find comfortable rooms and access to many attractions.

3. Sopotorium Hotel & Medical Spa (Rating: 9.0/10):

A new facility on the map of Sopot, SPA zone, great treatments? A wide range of services certainly makes Sopotorium a serious player on the Sopot market :-).

4. Hotel Grand Sopot (Rating: 8.9/10):

Located right on the beach, Hotel Grand Sopot offers not only spectacular views, but also luxurious amenities. Swimming pool, spa, restaurants with exquisite menus - all this awaits guests.

5. Sheraton Sopot Hotel (Rating: 8.9/10):

Known for its elegance and high standard of service, Sheraton Sopot Hotel is an ideal place for those who appreciate the unique atmosphere and proximity to the pier.

6. Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa (Rating: 8.8/10):

Luxury and modernity go hand in hand here. Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa offers not only comfortable rooms, but also access to extensive recreational facilities.

7. Hotel Haffner (Rating: 8.7/10):

Known for its elegance and excellent location, Hotel Haffner is a place that attracts both businessmen and tourists looking for relaxation.

Make your trip to Sopot unforgettable by choosing one of these 10 top-rated hotels on Luxury, comfort and a unique atmosphere are waiting for you!

The ranking was created on November thirteenth of the year two thousand twenty-three, taking into account the availability on a given day.