Business trips - amenities in the hotel - Bayjonn Hotel Sopot
Business trips - amenities in the hotel

Business trips – amenities in the hotel

Every business traveler has clearly defined expectations.

Here are some important factors:

1. Location of the facility

We do not always need an ideal location, but we always value information such as: what is around the selected hotel? What can you visit during a break from work? How to get around by public transport or car nearby? Is there a restaurant close to the hotel recommended for a quick business lunch?

2. Rooms with a separate office area

Guest of the so-called A business person does not just rest in a hotel room. He often spends long hours at work. Therefore, the obligatory equipment of an adapted room is a comfortable chair and a well-lit desk with numerous sources of power connections nearby.

The room – if not soundproof – should be located in a quiet zone of the facility. After all, it is unimaginable to conduct, for example, a teleconference, when the adjacent room is used at the same time by a large family with children 😉 (here the important role of the Reception Department in the well-thought-out arrangement of guests in the hotel).

3. High speed internet connection

Fast internet is now the norm in hotels, or at least it should be obvious!

It is necessary to confirm whether to arrange a meeting, send emails or participate in a company video conference. The lack of a fast connection can be frustrating and we understand it well 😉

4. Parking and breakfast available

During business trips, guests often travel by car (company or rented), so it is natural to leave the car as close to the selected hotel as possible.

At the Bayjonn Hotel, we provide our guests with rich and varied breakfasts, for which we receive high marks 😉

5. Quick and efficient service

Business travelers are often under time pressure. They appreciate quick and efficient check-in and later check-out from the hotel. Daily assistance of the staff – ordering a taxi, bringing everyday items to the room (such as the necessary iron, for example) is also very important.

At the Bayjonn Hotel, we understand the needs of our guests – those traveling privately (recreation) and business. We pay attention to their expectations and try to serve them the way we would like to be served.

We invite you to try our hospitality at the Bayjonn Hotel in Sopot!