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Premium Apartment at the Bayjonn Hotel - Sopot


from PLN 1489 / night
Bayjonn Apartment - 46 m2 of space decorated with the highest taste. The apartment includes: a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a separate toilet. The bathroom benefits from sunlight, a bathtub with a shower. In the bedroom, there is a bed from a collection of luxurious beds inspired by American heritage. The living room offers a coffee machine, a tea making set, as well as fresh flowers, fruit and wine. View of the Spa House and Plac Przyjaciół Sopotu, and between the buildings you can also see the sea and the pier.
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SUPERIOR room - Hotel Bayjonn Sopot


from PLN 528 / night
More than just a room. Additional space and refined beauty for demanding guests who will be welcomed by fresh flowers and a bottle of wine. Our rooms combine elements of functionality and elegance. The room with a vestibule and a bathroom covers an area of ​​31 mXNUMX2 . The glass-enclosed, spacious bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and a shower. Each room can accommodate one or two people.
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Hotel in Sopot Bayjonn

Hotel in Sopot – close to the sea and beach

located in the center of Sopot. By spending time here, you will experience all the benefits of being close to the Baltic Sea. These are attractions that you will experience only in the seaside surroundings offered by the Bayjonn hotel in Sopot.

Ecological Hotel Bayjonn Sopot

Ecological Hotel

I am pleased to present the ecological hotel Bayjonn Sopot, a place where luxury combines with care for the environment. This unique hotel, located in the heart of charming Sopot, stands out not only for its elegant design, but also for its commitment to sustainable development and ecology.

Location: The ecological Hotel Bayjonn Sopot is located just a few steps from the beach, which makes it an ideal place for those who want to combine relaxation on the coast with care for the environment.

Eco-Philosophy: Bayjonn Sopot wants to change the approach to luxury, placing emphasis on sustainable development. We achieve this by using energy-saving solutions, recycling, reducing waste and supporting local suppliers.

Green Design: The hotel has been designed to minimize its impact on the environment. We use energy-saving air conditioning systems, natural building materials and innovative solutions such as solar panels to reduce our energy consumption.

Sustainable Kitchen: The hotel's Thai Thai restaurant specializes in dishes prepared from local, seasonal ingredients. We take care to minimize waste by using eco-packaging and practicing the "zero waste" principle.



Boutique Hotel in Sopot

Plan an unforgettable stay on the Baltic Sea in one of the most charming places on the Polish coast. Hotel Bayjonn in Sopot offers not only comfortable rooms and elegant interiors, but also an excellent location that will make your stay unforgettable.

Sopot Hotels Proximity to the Sea Coast and Sandy Beaches

Hotel Bayjonn is located just a few steps from the picturesque Sea Shore. When leaving the hotel, you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the seafront, admire the sunsets over the Baltic Sea or take part in the various water sports available at your fingertips.

Boutique Hotel in Sopot

Plan an unforgettable stay on the Baltic Sea in one of the most charming places on the Polish coast. Hotel Bayjonn in Sopot offers not only comfortable rooms and elegant interiors, but also an excellent location that will make your stay unforgettable.

Hotels in Sopot

Hotel Bayjonn is located just a few steps from the picturesque Sea Shore. When leaving the hotel, you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the seafront, admire the sunsets over the Baltic Sea or take part in the various water sports available at your fingertips.
Sopot conference room

Conference room

PLN 799 / day
If you want to organize a conference and are looking for a conference room in Sopot, Hotel Bayjonn is the perfect place for you.
We will be happy to help you organize business meetings, seminars, training sessions, conferences and various types of events. Our conference room with an area of ​​40 m2 can accommodate 32 people in a theater style. It has the latest generation conference equipment, including video projectors, a flipchart and stationery. The room has controlled air conditioning and ventilation as well as internet access. Thanks to the appropriate equipment in the room, we provide the best conditions and various possibilities of arranging chairs and tables, and the windows in the room provide access to daylight.
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Bayjonn hotel Sopot with access to the SPA

The SPA at the Sheraton hotel also offers access to a hydrotherapy pool, a steam and brine bath, a rain cave and many other attractions.
Pleasures: Discover the harmony of body and mind in our Spa, where luxury is combined with care for your well-being. Our experienced therapists offer a wide range of treatments, from relaxing massages to innovative care therapies.
Luxury Amenities: Sheraton Sopot Spa is not only a place for unique treatments. Elegant interiors and modern amenities, such as a sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool, create an atmosphere full of comfort, where time spent relaxing becomes a real ritual.


Included in the room price
Hotel Bayjonn Sopot's room offer carefully combines high quality services in an extraordinary location. That is why we provide guests of our modern hotel in the center of Sopot with comprehensive hotel services and the care of top-class professionals. Each room has its own individual character and warm atmosphere.

Below is a full list of our services:

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Hotels in Sopot

Walk to the pier

Sopot Pier

the wooden walking bridge is a characteristic meeting place for tourists and residents. It is the longest facility of this type in Europe - it is over 500 m long. The impressive area combined with the extraordinary charm of this place make it a showcase of the city. Not all hotels can boast of being close to such a wonderful area. Bayjonn, located on the pier, allows visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of this property.

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Hotel Bayjonn in Sopot

The moment our guests hear the word "Bayjonn" they remember a modern and cozy hotel close to the sea...

For us it's something more. This is a unique hotel by the sea at the Sopot pier, whose mission is to make your stay in Sopot an unforgettable experience. A hotel in the center of Sopot guarantees a stay with countless attractions offered by the famous "Monciak" in Sopot.

Original Thai cuisine and 29 modernly furnished rooms (including an exclusive suite), available in ten categories, will allow you to fully enjoy your stay in Sopot. A romantic weekend in an apartment or an overnight stay by the sea during a business trip will be remembered thanks to the hospitality and commitment of the hotel staff. Reservations for accommodation - both in apartments and hotel rooms - can be made via an intuitive online reservation system.

Moreover, for those of you who are looking for a perfect month to organize a professional meeting or training, there is a modern, spacious conference room. To organize a conference, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Taking care of your comfort and safety, as well as meeting the needs of disabled people, we offer a Lux room specially adapted for disabled people. It is located near the elevator and has wheelchair-wide doors. Thanks to amenities such as additional handles, special switches and accessories, and a wardrobe and bathroom adapted to the needs of disabled people, we guarantee maximum comfort and safety for hotel guests.

Our restaurant and conference rooms are also adapted for disabled people. Our guests can easily enjoy our catering or take part in a conference. We have also prepared a specially designated parking space.

Hotel Bayjonn Sopot Awards:

  • TripAdvisor Quality Certificate 2016,
    Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice 2015,
    Profit Hotels Awards 2013,
    Golden Ranking Certificate,
    Gold Standard,
    Hotel of the Year 2012,
    2011st place in the Tophotel Restaurant XNUMX category,
    Award for the Best Sopot Investment 2009


  • Gault&Millau Yellow Guide Poland 2016,
    Forbes 2013,
    HolidayCheck Quality Selection 2013,
    TOP trends 2013,
    Atena IT and Financial Services SA, 2012

Luxury accommodation in Sopot

We offer an unrivaled experience of luxury accommodation in Sopot. Our exclusive accommodation is perfect for those looking for a unique and unforgettable stay by the sea.

Our luxury accommodation in Sopot is a combination of elegance, comfort and excellent service. Every detail has been carefully considered to provide our guests with a unique experience. Our rooms are furnished to a high standard, with the latest amenities to meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

Our facility is located in a prestigious location, just a few steps from the charming Sopot beach and the famous pier. This is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy peace and privacy, while still having easy access to the main attractions of this charming resort.

Our staff always tries to meet the expectations of our guests, taking care of the smallest details to make their stay unforgettable. Additionally, we offer exclusive amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, and a restaurant serving dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

Book our luxury accommodation in Sopot now and experience exceptional hospitality in one of the most beautiful resorts on the Baltic Sea. Your luxurious stay with us will not only be relaxation, but also a journey to the world of comfort and exceptional elegance.


Discover top-class hotels and resorts in Sopot.

Discover the epitome of luxury in our top-class hotels and resorts in Sopot. Elevate your stay with unrivaled comfort, exquisite amenities and world-class service in one of the most enchanting locations on the Baltic Sea.

Our carefully selected range of hotels and resorts in Sopot provide a refined combination of modern elegance and timeless charm. Immerse yourself in luxury with well-appointed rooms, state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking views that redefine the standard of upscale accommodation.

Whether you're looking for a quiet place to relax or want easy access to Sopot's vibrant attractions, our hotels and resorts will meet your needs. Situated in prime locations close to the beach and iconic landmarks, each property is a gateway to the city's rich culture and entertainment.

Immerse yourself in a relaxing experience with exclusive amenities such as a spa, gourmet restaurants and private beach access. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your stay is carefully crafted to exceed your expectations.

Book a stay at one of our top-class hotels or resorts in Sopot and embark on a journey of unrivaled luxury. Immerse yourself in a world where sophistication meets relaxation, and every moment is designed to leave unforgettable memories. Experience the pinnacle of hospitality in the best facilities in Sopot.

Sopot restaurant guide

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Sopot restaurants, where taste, elegance and history combine to create unique culinary experiences. Discover the charm of these places that not only tempt you with delicious dishes, but also take you on a journey through the rich history of this seaside resort.

Sopot restaurants are real gastronomic treasures, where each meal becomes an unforgettable journey through local flavors and culinary tradition. Each restaurant is a unique combination of modernity and heritage, presented both in exquisite dishes and carefully arranged interior.

Our list of Sopot restaurants includes only places that not only serve delicious dishes, but also tell the history of this picturesque city. Each culinary adventure becomes an opportunity to learn about local traditions that permeate the atmosphere of the restaurant, creating a unique atmosphere.

Start your culinary discovery of Sopot by booking a table at one of our recommended restaurants. Get to know the flavors of the region, drawing on tradition and modernity, which together shape the unique character of Sopot cuisine. Immerse yourself in history and taste, experiencing unforgettable moments in Sopot restaurants.

Please read our articles:

Hotel Restaurant Bayjonn Hotel Sopot

Restaurants with a sea view

Choosing the right hotel in Sopot

When planning a stay in charming Sopot, the key element is choosing the right hotel that will guarantee you an unforgettable and comfortable experience. Discover what makes the hotel stand out and make an informed decision about your accommodation in this seaside resort.


  1. Location, Location, Location:

Choose a hotel that offers an excellent location, whether close to the beach, iconic monuments or the pulsating city center. The proximity of the main attractions guarantees that you will make the most of your stay in Sopot, without sacrificing comfort. Hotel Bayjonn Sopot is located in the very center of Sopot, 150 meters from the pier and the sandy beach.

  1. Comfort and Amenities:

Look for a hotel that prioritizes your comfort, offering well-appointed rooms and modern amenities. Whether it's a luxurious spa, fitness center or a gourmet on-site restaurant, the right amenities can elevate your stay. At the Bayjonn Sopot hotel, relax in the sauna and fitness room, which are prepared only for you and your loved one.

  1. Reviews and Ratings:

Take advantage of online reviews and ratings from other travelers. Platforms such as TripAdvisor and provide valuable reviews that will help you assess the quality of service, cleanliness and overall guest satisfaction. Hotel Bayjonn Sopot is the highest-rated facility on the platform in Sopot.

  1. Historic Charm or Modern Elegance:

Sopot offers a variety of hotels, from historic properties with old-fashioned charm to modern, designer places. Consider your preferences and choose a hotel that suits your style and taste. The modern interior of the Bayjonn Sopot hotel will surely please our guests, the rooms on the fourth floor of the Premium will delight you and will not be forgotten.

  1. Budget Considerations:

Determine your budget range and browse hotels that offer the best value for money. Remember that Sopot adapts to various budgets, ensuring there is a suitable option for every traveler. Remember that during the low season, hotel rooms in Sopot have much lower prices.

  1. Personalized Service:

Look for hotels known for exceptional customer service. Friendly and caring staff can significantly improve your overall experience by making you feel appreciated and cared for throughout your stay. Hotel Bayjonn Sopot has great service, which is often appreciated in the opinions of guests.

  1. Special Offers and Packages:

Stay up to date with special offers, discounts and packages that hotels in Sopot may offer. This is a great way to enjoy additional attractions or save money during your stay. Brine pack?, room setting? Hotel Bayjonn Sopot has prepared many interesting special offers, check them out on our website.

Special offers

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the right hotel in Sopot that will suit your preferences, ensuring a wonderful and unforgettable experience in this picturesque seaside town.

Tips for choosing the perfect hotel for your stay


When planning the perfect stay, choosing the right hotel plays a key role in shaping the comfort and satisfaction of the trip. Here are some tips to help you make a wise choice and find the perfect hotel for yours upcoming stay.

  1. Service value:

Think about how much you can spend on accommodation. Determining your budget will help you narrow down your choices to options that are available in your price range. Remember that in the autumn and winter, hotels on the Baltic Sea are much cheaper, look for a bargain.

  1. City center or coastal strip? : :

Choose a hotel with the right location to suit your travel plans. If you care about the proximity of tourist attractions, restaurants or the beach, check whether the hotel meets these expectations. Hotel Bayjonn Sopot, located in the heart of Sopot, is a great idea for a base to see the entire Tricity.

  1. Opinions:

Browse reviews of other guests on websites such as or The experiences of other travelers can provide valuable information about the hotel's service standards, cleanliness and overall quality. Trailblazing can often be dangerous. At the Bayjonn Sopot hotel we only surprise positively.

  1. Amenities:

Consider what amenities are important to you. Do you care about access to a spa, gym, swimming pool or restaurant? Make sure the hotel you choose offers these services. The sauna at Hotel Bayjonn will certainly warm you up.

  1. Accommodation Style:

Do you prefer modern interiors or are you fascinated by the charm of historic buildings? Finding a hotel that reflects your taste and style will make your stay even more satisfying. The modern interior of the Bayjonn Sopot Hotel is waiting for you.

  1. Transport Availability:

If you plan to use public transport or a rental vehicle, check that the hotel is well connected and has easy access to transport. At the Bayjonn Sopot hotel, we will organize airport transport, a chauffeur or the entire trip around the Tri-City.

  1. Occasions:

Don't forget to check the availability of discounts, special offers or packages that the hotel may offer. This is a great way to save money or add additional attractions during your stay. New Year's Eve, holidays and the winter period are full of winter offers where you and your loved ones can relax.

  1. Security:

Make sure the hotel you choose maintains health and safety standards, especially given the current health situation. Read information on cleaning and disinfection procedures.

By using these tips, you will be better prepared to make an informed choice about a hotel that will meet your expectations and ensure a successful stay.

Accommodation in Sopot, hotel selection

Are you planning a stay in Sopot, the pearl on the Baltic Sea, and wondering which hotel will be perfect? Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to choose accommodation and ensure an unforgettable experience in this charming seaside resort.

  1. Location Close to Attractions:

Choose a hotel that is close to Sopot's main attractions, such as the pier, beach or famous walking streets. The convenient location will allow you to conveniently enjoy the charms of the city.

  1. Style and Character:

Think about whether you prefer modern design or maybe you are fascinated by the charm of historic interiors. Sopot offers a variety of styles, so choose a hotel that reflects your taste.

  1. High-Level Amenities:

Check whether the hotel you choose offers amenities that meet your expectations. Spa, swimming pool, restaurants and fitness center are just some of the options that can make your stay even more luxurious.

  1. Reviews from Other Guests:

Read reviews from other guests to learn about their experiences at the hotel. This is a great way to get honest opinions about service, cleanliness and overall atmosphere.

  1. Budget and Luxury:

Sopot offers a variety of accommodations, both for budget travelers and those looking for luxury. Specify your financial preferences and adjust your choice to your capabilities.

  1. Discounts and Special Offers:

Check if the hotel offers any discounts, special offers or package deals. Sometimes you can find attractive promotions that will make your stay even more profitable.

  1. Safety and hygiene:

Nowadays, pay attention to safety and hygiene standards. Please read information regarding cleaning and disinfection procedures to ensure your stay is safe.

If you carefully follow these tips, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect hotel in Sopot, tailored to your needs and expectations. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Poland!

Sopot Travel: Outside the hotel walls

Discover the charm of Sopot beyond the hotel walls and enrich your stay with unforgettable experiences. This guide will help you discover what this charming seaside town has to offer beyond the comfort of your own accommodation.


  1. Walk along the Pier:

The famous Sopot pier is a must-see. Enjoy a stroll through the wooden structure, admiring the sea view and breathing in the fresh sea air.

  1. Beaching:

The Sopot beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Rent a deckchair, immerse yourself in the warm sand and enjoy a sunny day on the Baltic Sea.

  1. Walk along the Monte Cassino Avenue of Heroes:

Monte Cassino Heroes Avenue is the heart of Sopot life. Discover the charm of this colorful and lively street, where you will find boutiques, restaurants, cafes and picturesque places to spend time.

  1. Historic Bathrooms of Sopot:

Visit the Historic Łazienki Sopot, a unique place that is a true historical gem. Be amazed by the architecture and green gardens surrounding this place.

  1. Spa Park:

Park Kuracyjny is an oasis of peace in the heart of Sopot. Enjoy a walk along the picturesque paths, relax on a bench and admire the lush vegetation.

  1. Visiting the Art Apartments:

Sopot is a place where art is everywhere. Visit artist housing, art galleries and cultural events to immerse yourself in the rich culture of this city.

  1. Tastes of Sopot:

Don't forget about the culinary experiences! Try local specialties in Sopot restaurants and taste the freshness of the sea in one of many excellent establishments.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Sopot beyond the walls of your hotel, discovering what the city has to offer. Make your stay more complete by exploring its most beautiful corners!

Why is it worth spending a holiday in Sopot?

Discover attractions and activities outside hotels..

Start your adventure in Sopot by discovering the countless attractions and activities that await you beyond the hotel walls. This guide will help you organize special moments in this seaside resort, so that you can fully enjoy every moment of your stay.

  1. Pier Walk – Symbol of Sopot:

Start your adventure by visiting the famous Sopot pier. This symbolic place offers not only stunning views of the Baltic Sea, but also unforgettable moments spent on wooden piers.

  1. Sopot Beach – Relaxation and Sun:

Enjoy a sunny day on the picturesque Sopot beach. Rent a deckchair, immerse yourself in the warm sand and enjoy the sound of the waves.

  1. Monte Cassino Avenue of Heroes - The Heart of Sopot:

Take a walk along the Monte Cassino Heroes Avenue, the heart of Sopot life. Shops, cafes, restaurants and picturesque spots will make you feel the pulse of this charming city.

  1. Therapeutic Park – Oaza Zieleń:

Relax in the Spa Park, a green oasis in the city center. Walk along the paths surrounded by greenery, stop for a picnic and feel the harmony of nature.

  1. Historic Bathrooms – History in Architecture:

Immerse yourself in history by visiting the Historic Bathrooms of Sopot. This place exudes the unique charm of historical architecture and atmosphere.

  1. Artistic Apartments – Meeting with Art:

Plan a visit to artist apartments and art galleries to immerse yourself in the local art scene. Sopot is a city where art lives at every step.

  1. Tastes of Sopot – Culinary Delights:

Don't forget to discover local flavors in Sopot restaurants. Try fresh seafood, enjoy coffee in a cozy café, and learn the culinary secrets of this charming city.

Expand your experience in Sopot by taking advantage of the wealth of attractions and activities available beyond the hotel walls. May your stay be full of unique memories and unforgettable adventures!

Hotel near the pier in Sopot: A comprehensive guide to the best places to stay

Comparison of Sopot seaside resorts

Before deciding on a seaside resort in Sopot, it is worth carefully comparing the available options to find the perfect place to relax and unwind. Here is a comparison of Sopot seaside resorts to help you make an informed choice:


  1. Sopot: Pearl of the Baltic Sea

The famous pier, beach and Monte Cassino Avenue of Heroes.

High quality accommodation, from luxury hotels to cozy guesthouses.

A picturesque beach and the opportunity to use the pier.

Monte Cassino Avenue of Heroes with numerous shops, restaurants and cafes.

Rich cultural and artistic offer, with galleries and cultural events.

  1. Gdańsk: City with History

The Old Town, Długi Targ and historical monuments.

A wide range of hotels, from exclusive to budget-friendly.

Fascinating monuments such as Krantor, the Golden Gate and Artus Court.

Cultural diversity, with museums, theaters and festivals.

Excellent restaurants offering traditional dishes and modern flavors.

  1. Gdynia: City of the Sea

Port, Oceanarium and Kościuszko Square.

A selection of accommodation for everyone, with a view of the sea and away from the hustle and bustle.

Commercial port and Kościuszko Square with one of the largest aquariums in Poland.

Modern shopping centers and seaside restaurants.

A marina and the possibility of organizing ship cruises.

  1. Jurata: Peace on the Hel Peninsula

The beach, pine forests and charming fishing houses.

Intimate guesthouses and luxurious holiday homes.

A beautiful beach on the Hel Peninsula.

A quiet and peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A perfect place for walks in the surrounding pine forests.

  1. Hel: Cape of Adventure

Hel Island and the Vistula Spit National Park.

Picturesque guesthouses and apartments near the beach.

Unique attractions such as the Naval Exhibition.

Great beaches on the east and west shores.

The Vistula Spit National Park offers extraordinary nature.

Attractions Hel

A detailed comparison of Sopot seaside resorts will allow you to choose the place that best suits your preferences and expectations. Regardless of your choice, each of these resorts offers a unique charm and unforgettable attractions on the Baltic Sea.

Hotel near the pier in Sopot: A comprehensive guide to the best places to stay

Comparison of seaside resorts in Sopot.

When planning a stay on the Baltic Sea, it is worth carefully analyzing the differences and unique features of seaside resorts in Sopot. Below you will find a comparison that will help you choose the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday.

Before making your choice, it is worth considering what type of holiday you prefer. Sopot, Jelitkowo, Gdańsk, Orłowo and Karlikowo offer a variety of attractions, which allows you to tailor your stay to individual expectations and needs. Regardless of your choice, seaside resorts in Sopot guarantee unforgettable experiences and relaxation on the Baltic Sea.

The 10 best luxury hotels in Sopot

Immerse yourself in the exclusive world by choosing one of the most prestigious hotels in magical Sopot. Below you will find an exclusive list of ten luxurious places that will provide you with an unforgettable experience in this charming seaside resort.

Hotel Sopot MGallery

An elegant facility with a view of the endless sea. Luxurious rooms and suites create the perfect place to relax. Additionally, the hotel offers an exquisite spa and a restaurant serving Polish and international cuisine.

Sheraton Sopot Hotel

Located directly by the sea with private access to the beach. Luxurious rooms with panoramic views make this place unique. A rich spa offer, an indoor swimming pool and an excellent restaurant will provide a fully luxurious experience.

Sofitel Grand Sopot

A historic hotel exuding historical character. Luxurious rooms and suites decorated in the Belle époque style are a true tribute to elegance. The artistic restaurant serves delicious dishes, creating a unique atmosphere.

Resident of Sopot

Situated on the main street of the city - Monte Cassino Avenue of Heroes. Elegant interiors and comfortable rooms are an excellent base. The restaurant offers unique fusion cuisine.

Hotel Haffner

Overlooking the pier and the sea. Luxurious rooms with modern decor provide an unforgettable experience. The spa center, swimming pool and high-quality services will provide complete relaxation.

Bayjonn Hotel Sopot

A luxurious facility close to the beach, characterized by unique interior design and a unique atmosphere. The restaurant serves dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, creating a culinary masterpiece.

Villa Sedan

A historic villa with a unique character, offering an intimate atmosphere and elegant rooms. The proximity of the beach and the attractions of the Sopot center makes it an ideal place to relax.

Mera Spa Hotel

A modern hotel with luxurious rooms, an excellent spa center and an indoor swimming pool. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, creating a culinary paradise.

Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa

With a view of the picturesque Bay of Gdańsk. Spacious rooms and apartments are a place full of luxury. Spa facilities and a restaurant with international cuisine complete the offer.

Autograph Collection Hotel

A luxurious facility located right on the beach, offering exquisite rooms and apartments. The restaurant serves dishes inspired by local cuisine, providing an unforgettable experience of a culinary journey.

These ten luxury hotels in Sopot are not just places to stay, but real oases of comfort, style and service at the highest level. Regardless of your choice, your stay will be an unforgettable experience full of relaxation and luxury.

Link to the Bayjonn Sopot hotel website

Hotel deals in Sopot: saving tips

When planning your stay in Sopot, it is worth paying attention to various hotel offers to find the best price options while maintaining comfort and quality of services. Here are some tips for saving on hotel offers in Sopot:


  1. Book in Advance:

Book your accommodation in advance to take advantage of favorable prices. Many hotels offer attractive discounts for people who book rooms for a longer period of time before their planned stay.

  1. Check Special Offers:

Regularly check special offers and promotions provided by hotels. You can often find package offers including accommodation, breakfast and additional amenities.

  1. Take advantage of Loyalty Programs:

Sign up for loyalty programs offered by hotels. Loyalty points or special discounts for program members can translate into significant savings.

  1. Consider Low Season:

Consider planning your stay during the low season, when demand for accommodation is lower. Then prices can be more flexible and the hotel offer more attractive.

  1. Choose All Inclusive Packages:

Consider choosing all-inclusive packages, which may include not only accommodation, but also meals and access to additional amenities. Such package offers may prove to be more financially advantageous.

  1. Use Price Comparators:

Before making a reservation, use price comparison websites to check the offers of various hotels in Sopot. By comparing prices, you can find the most competitive and attractive options.

  1. Book Directly with the Hotel:

Consider booking a room directly with the hotel. Sometimes hotels offer special discounts for guests who book directly, bypassing intermediaries.

  1. Follow the Hotel's Social Media:

Follow the social media profiles of the hotel you are interested in. Hotels often publish special offers and discount codes on their platforms, available only to followers.


Using these tips, you will be better prepared to find attractive hotel offers in Sopot, while saving on accommodation costs.

Tips for finding and maximizing hotel discounts.


When planning your trip and booking a hotel, it's worth following some effective tips to find the best deals and maximize discounts. Here are some tips for finding and saving on hotel accommodation:

  1. Use Price Comparators:

Search various price comparison sites such as, Expedia and These are tools that allow you to quickly compare the offers of different hotels in a given place, making it easier to find the most attractive price.

  1. Sign up for Loyalty Programs:

Sign up for loyalty programs of various booking platforms. They often offer additional discounts, special offers and points that can be exchanged for further accommodations.

  1. Check Last Minute Offers:

If you are flexible about the date of your stay, check last minute offers. In recent times, hotels often offer attractive discounts to fill available rooms.

  1. Book Via Mobile Apps:

Many hotels offer special discounts for people booking via mobile applications. Download the hotel app and check if additional discounts are available.

  1. Subscribe to Hotel Newsletters:

Sign up for hotel newsletters. This way you will receive information about current promotions, discounts and special offers directly to your e-mail box.

  1. Check out Package Offers:

Consider booking package deals that may include accommodation, meals and attractions. Sometimes comprehensive packages offered by hotels can be beneficial.

  1. Browse Social Media Offers:

Follow hotel profiles on social media platforms, where exclusive offers and discount codes are often published for followers.

  1. Value of Opinions from Other Travelers:

Before booking, read reviews from other travelers on various platforms. This will not only help you make an informed choice, but can also sometimes open up access to special offers for loyal customers.


By using these tips, you will be able to increase your chances of finding great hotel deals and maximize savings when planning your trip

Local flavor: boutique hotels in Sopot

Introduce yourself to the local flavor of Sopot by choosing to stay in one of the charming boutique hotels that not only offer comfortable accommodation, but also provide a unique experience related to the character of this seaside city. Discover unique places where style, local culture and individual approach combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Molo Residence: Elegance in the very center

Located in the heart of Sopot, close to the famous pier. Intimate rooms decorated in an elegant, modern style, creating a unique atmosphere and offering proximity to the city's main attractions.

Villa Antonina: Residence with Soul

A charming villa surrounded by a garden, ensuring privacy. Beautifully decorated rooms with attention to detail and a restaurant serving dishes based on local ingredients.

Sopotnia 12: Modernity with a pinch of salt

Exclusive design combining modernity with subtle humor. Spacious and comfortable rooms with a unique design, located close to the beach and the Monte Cassino Avenue of Heroes.

Hotel Zhong Hua: The Quiet Oasis of Asia

A unique boutique hotel inspired by Chinese aesthetics. Rooms decorated in oriental style with full comfort, and an original restaurant offering Asian flavors.

Mala Anglia Deluxe Rooms & SPA: English Charm

A bit of English style in the heart of Sopot. Atmospheric rooms decorated in a vintage style, offering exclusive spa services and a relaxing atmosphere.

Hotel Bonum: Tradition with a Touch of Luxury

An intimate hotel combining tradition with modernity. Unique rooms decorated in an elegant style, with a restaurant serving dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.

Villa Ozone: Privacy and Exclusivity

An oasis of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Stylish rooms with individual character, charming garden and intimate atmosphere.

Discover the local flavor of Sopot by staying overnight in one of these unique boutique hotels. It is not only a place to sleep, but also a chance to discover the authenticity of this charming city on the Baltic Sea.

Discover unique boutique stays for a personalized experience.

Discover the magic of personalized experiences by choosing unique stays in boutique hotels. These intimate places not only offer comfortable accommodation, but also create an atmosphere in which every detail is carefully considered and tailored to the individual needs of guests. Discover the benefits of unique boutique stays and why it's worth investing in personalized travel experiences.